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What Our Customers Are Saying

Emily C.
Emily C.
Washington, DC

Don't wait until Friday or Saturday after dinner to go here, but if you do, the long wait is worth it.

Thankfully, we had a big breakfast and dinner plans, so we had enough of an appetite to enjoy brownie sundaes for lunch. There are so many amazing store made flavors to choose from! We had the marsh mud, java jolt, pony tracks, and peanut butter cup; and all were delicious, as were the brownies at the bottom. The whip cream is real!

The service was fine, there were plenty of workers and a fair number of customers for a Saturday in late September, but we didn't have to wait in line.

If you want ice cream and you're anywhere near Chincoteague Island, this is the place to go!

K Sera S.
K Sera S.
Columbia, MD

Almost single-handedly (but not single scoopedly) responsible for a 5 lb weight gain in under 48 hours.

The servers were adorable, eager teenagers who clearly (god bless them) don't know the difference between "scoop" and "pint" or between "two scoops" and "half-gallon". So....YAY!

I had the rocketfuel, double chocolate, regular chocolate, cake batter, vanilla butterscotch and cherry sorbet. No, not all at once. What do you think I am, some kind of ice cream eating machine? I said two days. Yes, that means I ate it for breakfast and dinner one day, SO WHAT? You don't know me.

The rocketfuel (I might be getting the name wrong) was chocolate with cinnamon and just the right kick of chili powder. All the flavors were great, but that was the standout.

Kathy R.
Kathy R.
North Stonington, CT

I'm sitting here at 11:13pm on a tuesday, on my balcony, overlooking the street below & the island creamery. I currently have a coconut & salted caramel combo from hand packed quarts we bought earlier (to avoid lines & have 24/7 access to the best ice cream in the world.

Love the hand rolled fresh pressed waffle cones. The fudge has it's own gallery, it's that good. I wait all year for this annual beach/pool/cookout/ice cream fest and it is so worth it.

Jim S.
Jim S.
Laurel, MD


Actually I am suprised that is not a flavor. They not only have many different flavors they are all crazy delicious and handmade. It is not just the flavor it is the texture that really drives it home. They also make thier own waffle cones.

I will not go to any other place on the island for ice cream. There is no comparison. YUM!!

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